Something I’ve come across fairly recently which looks like it has brilliant uses for collaborating with other teachers and also for use in the classroom is etherpad. You can set it up for free to create public pads, but if you want to collaborate privately then you have to pay for it. The free version is really easy to use and up to 16 people at once can use it, changing things in real time. Obviously the only downside of it being public is the small chance that you might get someone on there posting things that aren’t relevent/useful or perhaps they are offensive which would not be good if using it with children.

I’ve had a go at setting up a pad aimed at AGT activities and a few people have already had a go at adding some ideas. However, more are always welcome and you can find the pad here: if you would like to add anything. I will make a proper resource out of it, turning them into cards, and post them up for everyone to use. What I am aiming to then do is have a ‘Creative Thinking Wall’ in my classroom this year where every week I put a new card up to think about, give the children a week to add their responses (using post-its, photos etc) and then spend some time each week (timetabled) looking at their responses and perhaps challenging them even more with their thoughts.
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