Google Maps Alphabet

I saw this article: after it was pointed out on the PTRC forum and it got me thinking: What other things could we create like this?

The obvious one seems to me to be asking the children to do a similar thing finding digits 0-9, but I’m sure there are other things too. Ideas on a postcard (or a comment) please 🙂

Edited to add: Punctuation marks is another one I just thought of, although not massively exciting.

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5 Responses to Google Maps Alphabet

  1. Teakay says:

    Shapes!Either 'proper' shapes (like square, circle, rhombus, dodecagon etc.) or more imaginative shapes, such as you might find when looking at clouds or stars (that's a tractor! That's a cornflake! That's a postbox with legs and three antennae!)

  2. MissDY6 says:

    I like it! I've just thought mathematical symbols would be another good one.

  3. MissDY6 says:

    Two more ideas: – the lower case alphabet- create a google maps zoo collecting as many different animals as you can (like the chalk horses on the sides of hills)

  4. Ian Addison says: go and make your own messages using buildings. Punctuation works.

  5. MissDY6 says:

    Brilliant, I love it!

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