The way forward?

Today the other G&T coordinator and I had a meeting with the Head to establish where we want to go with our provision and how we might go about doing this so that we can create an action plan. Up until now provision in our school has been a bit haphazard, with a few children taking part in a project called ePal (which does not really exist anymore) and a few year 5 and 6 children attending writers’ workshops every now and then with other children from our development group. We are really only at the establishing phase in terms of the quality standards and want to move to the developing phase by the end of the year.

We had a good old brainstorming session where we came up with lots of ideas, including:

  • creating a VLE area for G&T children,
  • setting up a G&T club (invitation only);
  • involving G&T pupils in writing for the school website;
  • looking at creating some challenge box resources;
  • creating a central record showing gifted and talented pupils (in and out of school);
  • create a new policy for G&T;
  • organising inter-school programmes within our development group;
  • encouraging staff to use the furthest first/top down model for planning;
  • identifying provision and extension on planning;
  • and developing ways for G&T pupils to take on more responsibility for things across the school.

Once we had an idea of what we wanted to do we had to set about defining our vision of G&T pupils at our school. Definitions can often be quite woolly but we decided to go with:

Gifted: within the top 5% academically (English, maths, science, hist/geog) in comparison to their peers.

Talented: displays exceptional talent in non-academic areas such as art and PE and includes out of school pursuits.

In terms of the ‘out of school pursuits’ obviously this one is going to be difficult to follow up but we intend to liaise with parents via some sort of questionnaire to find out about what their children do outside of school and at what level. That way, if the dreaded Ofsted decide to come in, we at least have a list of children identified.

My main task now is to get working on the VLE, find lots of exciting things to put on it and to get the children trained up on how to use it as it hasn’t currently been rolled out to them yet.

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