Thinker’s Keys

Thinker’s keys are something I came across a few years ago but had not used until quite recently. I initially came across a booklet on the Primary Teacher UK blog, run originally by Andrew Ross, and have been using it as the basis for my creative thinking sessions with my year 6 class this year for this. I had intended just to find the link and direct everyone to it as it’s a really useful booklet but it seems since the site has been taken over the links no longer work. Therefore, I have uploaded the document I downloaded from that site a few years ago here:

Thinker’s Keys booklet

I also thought while I was at it I would have a nose around the internet and see what I could find on the origins of Thinker’s Keys. It seems they’ve been around for almost 30 years, created by a guy called Tony Ryan and rooted in the idea of developing higher order thinking in a creative way, turning things on their head and inside out and upside down. There are 20 different themes or ‘keys’, such as the picture key, the reverse key (my particular favourite) and the alternative key which then leads on to different ways of looking at things. I’m sure the original can explain it in a much clearer way than I can though so here is a link to the PDF of Thinker’s Keys for Kids

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