To infinity and beyond…

I’m quite excited about next week’s Literacy. So far our topic on journalistic writing has seemed to be quite dry; it’s a difficult topic to cover when there’s not much news to report. However, to link in with our topic on the 60s we thought we’d cover the moon landing and I came across a absolutely fab site ( that has a simulation video with real audio of the trip.

We are going to start off the week by arranging the chairs in rows, lights off and travelling back in time to 1969, imagining that we are watching the the space craft take off for real. Most of the class are then going to write some questions that they can ask at the Apollo 11 news conference, while my top group are going to assume the roles of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, Richard Nixon and Dr. Thomas Paine (director of NASA at the time). They are going to have to anticipate the questions in order to research all the information they think they will need to give a convincing performance at the news conference.
On Tuesday we are going to hold the news conference, focussing on asking really good, open-ended questions and how to take notes. After that, it’s down to creating catchy headlines, designing the layout and ending up with an awesome (hopefully!) article by the end of the week. I can’t wait 🙂
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