Our Virtual Learning Environment

Yesterday I introduced my class to our new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). I’d spent quite a bit of time preparing our class page for them and it seems to have paid off. We started off logging in and playing with the backgrounds (got to get the important stuff sorted first!) and then got them uploading their homework projects, discussing on the forums and emailing.

So far they seem to have taken to it really well and are really keen and eager to use it. I can see that some of them went home and logged on last night (even with the excitement of the school disco) and some have emailed me asking questions about different bits. They really love the fact that they can email me their homework and so do I as it saves on lots of paper and I don’t have to lug it all home with me! I’ve found out some interesting things about some of the children through the discussion forums; one very quiet girl would love to try sky diving and bungee jumping – totally unexpected! I’ve learnt something too!
Now I’m just after ideas of how to extend it further so that it becomes somewhere they log on to regularly and not just until the novelty wears off.

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