AG&T club

Today, myself and another teacher at school started an after school G&T club. Now, although this is probably not the ideal way to target G&T pupils, and we are trying to develop integration of G&T tasks within all planning with the rest of our teachers, at the moment we thought this would at least be one way to make sure our G&T children are getting some provision for their needs.
We had a great time with the children getting to know each other by working in teams to build a model/sculpture that represented our school purely out of lolly sticks and glue. The only problem was we ran out of time and PVA glue does not dry fast enough! Once they’re dry I shall try and take some photos.
The children had fun though and I think they’re all willing to come back next week!
We also had a discussion about naming the group; some of their ideas are a little odd (to be expected I suppose) and are now up for vote on our VLE. Once we have a name their task for the following week is now to design a logo to go with it.
Next week we’re having a paper aeroplane design competition – should be fun!

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