Really challenging my more able children in class.

This year we are trying to focus on improving our provision for G&T pupils; this has made me really consider the tasks that I plan for them and I have started to plan with some higher order question prompts and activity ideas by my side.
At the moment during literacy we are studying Shakespeare; quite a challenging topic in itself. We introduced the play ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ and watched the animated tales version. The children then had to write a summary of the play. The challenge I gave to my top group was to write it in less than 100 words. I was struck by how unbelievably difficult they found it, and so many cries of ‘I can’t do it!’ and ‘It’s too hard!’ Just goes to show that all too often they find things too easy and when they are actually stretched they are all too often willing to give up because they don’t want to fail; they’re not used to that.
I think most of them got there in the end but I look forward to hearing those cries of ‘It’s too difficult!’ more often!

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2 Responses to Really challenging my more able children in class.

  1. JoTorr says:

    Something I often do with students is along the same lines. They have to summarise a play/poem/story four times: in 5 sentences, in 25 words, in 10 words and then in one word. I find it really gets them thinking about the important ideas in the given text. They also often complain it's too hard but the responses are always interesting, particularly their one word summary.

  2. MissDY6 says:

    Thanks for that idea, I might 'borrow' it! Sounds like a really good idea.

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