What a coincidence!

Further to my post yesterday about whether or not we can harness the technology the students own rather than always buying it ourselves a very funny thing happened today. First thing, during registration, the head came up to year 6 to wish us luck on our school trip. As she was in the room one of the boys actually said to her: “My dad said he’d buy me a laptop and if he does would I be able to bring it to school to use?”

Her response was a small step towards my musings: “Yes, but we can’t link it to the school network so you can’t use it for the internet or get onto your school files.”
I guess this is some of the battle won. Just got to keep fighting the rest and maybe one day we’ll get there. I may have to find out what is perceived to be the problem with letting the children access the network on their own devices and see if it can be overcome.
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