!Muy bien!

Today at school KS2 had some Spanish theatre workshops and I just wanted to blog about them because we were really impressed. I have to say that I was feeling pretty dubious at first; we had some spare money left over in our KS2 MFL pot and therefore decided to buy in some workshops as our resources are fairly plentiful. After looking around the net to find a company that did Spanish workshops for a reasonable price (there are plenty of French but Spanish is still in the minority) we settled for the Freshwater Theatre Company.

It was a one-woman show, performed by Constanza, who is from Chile (and almost didn’t come due to the earthquake at the weekend as initially some of her relatives were missing!) and she performed two hour-long interactive productions of The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks. All the children were eager to join in and the whole audience was constantly engaged by repeating actions and sound effects. It included lots of simple, repetitive language and much of the vocabulary was things the children had already learnt (although didn’t seem to be able to remember when asked! – kids, eh?!) and was definitely good for recapping the basics.
If you ever get the chance to have them come in, I’d definitely recommend them.
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