Residential trips

I’ve just returned from a great week at a PGL residential with 45 of our year 6 children. I’m absolutely knackered and have to say, the children outdid me in every way, so many overcoming their fears (and me discovering I had a fear of heights!). The kids really were amazing and it’s so interesting to see the quiet, timid ones in class really come out of themselves and shine, pulling their group together and encouraging each other while the more confident ones take a back seat. It was a total role reversal in many cases and hopefully it did them all some good in one way or another. 

Our objective for the week was that the children develop their team-working and listening skills, as this is something that this year group REALLY struggle with, and by the end of the week most of them were really starting to take this on board. Who knows how long it will last once we’re back at school but it’s good to know they can actually do it.

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