Packaging Design

At our gifted and talented club this week we had a go at coming up with clever design packaging. We started off with some inspiration from this post on the crookedbrains blog, my favourite being the milk carton, and then set off with our design challenge. This was actually something that they found quite difficult; the children spend so much time at school learning about how to make things sustainable etc that they really struggled to go purely for the design element. And the fact that these kids like there to be just one definitive answer many of them found it hard to design, change and improve and once they’d come up with one idea they wanted to stick to it.

In the end we came up with a few good and a few ‘interesting’ ideas:
– milk in a cow shaped container (the size of the product was interesting – some wanted a life size cow!)
– eggs in a chicken-shaped carton
– pineapple in a pineapple-shaped tin
– chocolate milkshake in a chocolate block style carton
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