My half-termly targets

I can’t believe there are only 13 teaching weeks left of this school year! It seems to be such a hard slog up to Easter and then the rest rushes by before you hardly notice it. There’s so much to pack in that I know it’ll be crazy and tiring but I thought I’d set myself some targets/challenges that I’d like to set in motion by the end of the academic year. Since there’s 7 weeks until the next half term I thought I’d go for 7 challenges and review them when I reach the half way line, and then perhaps set myself another 6 to last me til I reach the finish line:

1) Do not let other people get to me or annoy me. I think recently I’ve taken things too personally when other people have not listened to my point of view. I need to be more accepting that others may not always see my way of thinking (as I don’t always see theirs) and they may not have the people skills to deal with disagreeing in an effective/appropriate way.

2) Make sure everything I do benefits the children’s learning in some way. That’s what I’m here for after all; to help the children learn.

3) Stay positive. This is a difficult one when all about you are moaning and whining about every tiny little thing that it’s easy to get drawn in. However, I’ve decided I’m not listening (and I’m not looking at my children’s current SATs targets!) and will stay positive.

4) Make sure the children stay positive even with SATs looming. This goes with the previous one really. I don’t want the children to be stressed about SATs and although we’ll be doing lots of revision hopefully we can make it interesting.

5) Don’t get so worked up about things. Sometimes things just aren’t as important as they seem in our heads and I need to be willing to let things go and get over them.

6) Become better at leading my subject area. I’m not a very good leader. I’m quiet and shy and don’t like trying to force people into doing things they don’t want to do, especially when they are all against me already as that subject is Primary Languages. I’ve got a plan though and I’m hoping that my HT will let me run with it and I can finally get people on board.

7) Get a new job. I’ve been in my current job now 3 years since I was an NQT, and I’m starting to get itchy feet. I’ve decided it’s time for a change and that I need to push myself out of my comfort zone. Obviously, this one is not entirely in my hands but I’ll do as much as I can to achieve it.
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