6 weeks to go…

I can’t believe that’s all that’s left of this school year! I think it’s always hard to believe when the weather still resembles winter at times! Well, SATs are finally out of the way (I think they went ok (except possibly the writing although that’s another story) but we shall have to wait til July to find out) and we’ve had lots of fun with literacy and maths projects up to half term. I’m not sure the children are going to be too happy when they get back after the holidays and find out they’ve actually got to do more structured lessons again though, as we’ve got to do transition units. Keeping their behaviour under control could be interesting!
We’re also in full swing with our end of year production and myself and the other year 6 teacher have very grand plans in our head for the performance of Joseph – unfortunately not the west-end stage version, but not a bad version; just have very cheesy songs going permanently round my head! – and we’re hoping to have a pyjama party instead of a year 6 prom this year; the children wanted a sleep-over but we thought that was a bit too much!
In other news, I managed to get a new job after an interview on Thursday. I have to say I’m very excited at the opportunities I will get there; I will be teaching year 4 and have been asked to lead Literacy. I have lots of ideas buzzing around in my head and hope that I can rise to the challenge. It’s also been identified as a lead APP school so I really have my work cut out to keep up the excellent work that has already been done. Exciting times ahead!
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