World Cup Ideas in Class

Well, the world cup seems in full swing (England are playing thier first match as I type) and we even have bunting up down our street! I am not really into football at all to be honest (so I’m not watching England’s first match, I’m writing this instead) but it does seem like such a good medium for getting children, especially boys, enthused so I have been doing a few World Cup-related things in class.
There are lots of resources available out there but the two I’ve found most useful so far are the Teaching Ideas theme page  where lots of links, videos and resources have been collated by teachers, and for languages the Talkabout Primary MFL wiki football page which I’ve used with year 5. 
For my year 6 class I’ve put together a World Cup magazine project using the ideas from above across a range of geography, literacy, history, maths etc. for the children to get on with next week as and when as the children have cycling proficiency which means up to 12 of them will be out at once. Therefore they won’t all be together for me to teach them and they’re pretty good at self-directed work so this seemed like an ideal theme for the week. Here’s the magazine project grid the children will have to choose from:
Create a eye-catching front cover.
Create a map of all the countries taking part, labelled with their capital cities.
Work out the cost of a trip to South Africa to watch the final on 11th July. Remember to find prices for:
·       return flights
·       accommodation
·       car hire for a week
·       food and drink
·       spending money
Create a leaflet about South Africa for tourists.
Remember to include maps, attractions, places to eat and drink etc.
Write a match report for the England vs. USA match (It can be imaginary if you didn’t watch it).
Design a new England strip.
Design and advertise some world cup merchandise.
Write a new World Cup anthem.
Choose a football player (or two) and create player profiles and biographies.
Find out how many times each country has won the world cup before and create a graph of the results.
Design a healthy menu to feed a footballer for a week.
Create a World Cup related quiz/puzzle.
Find out about the positive and negative impact of the World Cup on South Africa such as the effect on animals, tourism, infrastructure etc.
Find out how to say hello in each of the countries taking part in the world cup.
Calculate how far each team has had to travel to reach South Africa.
Create a World Cup pullout board game.

We started the maths project about planning a trip to South Africa on Thursday as I was being observed and I thought it would be a good lesson to do. It was our premises officer’s birthday on Tuesday and he’s very excited about the World Cup so I told them that his wife had contacted me to find the best way to get to the Final on 11th July for less than £5000. Although there were a few who doubted whether it was really true they still had a lot of fun looking for flights on expedia and then finding accommodation and tickets on fifa. On Monday they’re going to present their findings to the premises officer so that he can choose the deal he likes best.
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