Year 6 Literacy Projects

As a little light relief after the hard slog up to and including SATs I gave my year 6 class some literacy projects to do for the last two weeks before half term. They really seem to love doing project work and have produced some fantastic homework projects over the past year (see here) so they absolutely loved doing them and literally got on with them for two weeks solid without any direction from me whatsoever – amazing!
I started out by giving them four different projects to choose from, each with different tasks to do, or the option to come up with their own project as long as they could convince me that it was worthy. The projects were:
1) A place to play – there is a piece of waste land you want to turn into a park
    – write list of people who could use it and what for
    – Write persuasive letter to council
    – design poster for a meeting with local residents to ask them what they want
    – draw plans and diagrams of how you will make park suitable for all ages
    – write a playscript of the meeting
    – write a newspaper report about what is happening to the waste land.
2) Animal magic – creating an animal park/zoo
    – Draw a map of your animal park
    – Design a leaflet for visitors
    – Advertise your park in some way.
    – Create an animal report
    – Write to companies asking for sponsorship
3) Island adventure – create your own island
    – Draw a map of your island
    – Think of an interesting way to get to your island and write about your journey
    – Design a shelter and write instructions telling someone else how to build one
    – You get into trouble on your island. Write about what happens.
    – Create a factfile for an animal you find on your island (real or imaginary)
4) Time Machine – design a time machine and use it to travel
    – draw a diagram of your time machine, inside and out
    – Choose a place/time to go to and write about the journey there
    – Write/draw what you see/smell/hear/feel when you step out of the time machine
    – You find an important object – draw/write about it
    – Write about your adventure and how you get back.
5) Own choice. Two of my G&T children chose this option and decided to do a project on the Falklands war (I have no idea why!). They really struggled to come up with their own ideas which was a shame and took quite a bit of steering from me in order to do anything other than drawing pictures – boys, eh?! At the other end of the scale one of my SEN boys decided to do his own project too based on freejumping. Again, I had to help him with the ideas but once sorted he pretty much worked on it solidly and he usually struggles to sit still for more than 5 minutes without annoying someone!
They even went above and beyond the tasks set and came up with loads of other ideas which they added in. Finally, they took everything they’d done and made posters which they have been presenting to each other this week. I was especially impressed by the children who used some of the tech that I’d introduced to them this year like two of the girls chose to use wordle to display the feelings and emotions of their characters. Here are some photos of their work:

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