Reading Challenge

There have been several things to do with reading that I’ve come across recently. There is a new hashtag that has appeared on twitter, #teachread, where teachers share the books they love and then there was a presentation at last week’s TMEast by Marilyn Brocklehurst, who shared her 60 must-read children’s books of which, I have ashamedly only read 1 of them. Therefore, I have decided to set myself a summer holiday challenge: to read the 60 books recommended in 6 weeks (plus a few extra that I need to read for my new school). I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get most of them from my local library and the rest probably from Amazon, and I’m averaging 60/6 = 10 books per week along with a blog post review. Here’s the list I’m using, although in no particular order:

1. Rose Blanche 
2. Island 
3. Secret Friends 
4. The Arrival 
5. With Drama in Mind 
6. Saddest King 
7. Sad Book 
8. King of Quizzical Island 
9. Shame to Miss 1 and 2 
10. Princess’ blankets 
11. Fire Children 
12. Tell me a Dragon 
13. If the world were a village 
14. Huge bag of worries 
15. Badger’s parting gifts 
16. Voices in the park 
17. Two frogs 
18. Tadpole’s promise 
19. Gorgeous 
20. You Choose 
21. Mysteries of Harris Burdick 
22. Once 
23. Meerkat Mail 
24. How to write really badly 
25. Storyshop 
26. Varjak Paw 
27. Highwayman 
28. Beowulf 
29. Nuddy Ned 
30. Michael Rosen A-Z 
31. Indian in the Cupboard 
32. Once upon an ordinary schoolday 
33. journey to the River Sea 
34. Daydreamer 
35. Fish in Room 11 
36. You’re a Bad Man Mr Gum 
37. Man who wore all of his clothes 
38. Whatever! 
39. Barefoot Book of poetry 
40. Tanka tanka skunk 
41. Scredy squirrel 
42. How to talk so kids will listen 
43. Billy’s bucket 
44. But Why? 
45. Love that Dog 
46. Coraline 
47. Shhh 
48. Clown 
49. Window 
50. Where the forest meets the sea 
51. Red Tree 
52. How to live forever 
53. Waterbugs and Dragonflies 
54. Little ships 
55. Archie’s war 
56. Flotsam 
57. We are all born free 
58. Bride’s Farewell
59. Knife of Never Letting Go
60. The Savage

Anyone else care to join me?
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