J’apprends le francais

photo by http://www.flickr.com/photos/gi/

Learning French is another of my challenges for the summer. At my ‘old’ school we did Spanish, mainly because I was the MFL coordinator so I got to decide and Spanish is much better than French in oh-so-many ways. However, at my new school they already do French so I thought I better get my very rusty French skills up to scratch. I did French for five years at school but never really understood it. So on Tuesday I took myself off to the library and checked out Teach Yourself French book/CD set.

So far I have done the first three chapters – I’m aiming for 1 per day – and have already been reminded as to how hard French is! The course suggests that you should be able to use it with no prior French knowledge at all but having done just the first few chapters it presumes quite a lot, particularly pronunciation-wise. I always remember being told I speak French with a Scottish accent when I was at school (I am not from Scotland) which I find quite funny and I get really confused with which letters do and don’t get pronounced. I totally sympathise with all the teachers who don’t want to teach languages for fear of doing it wrong. I am going to persevere with the book and try to get to the end – 25 chapters in all! However, any tips or resources that anyone wants to recommend please feel free; I will be forever grateful!
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