TeachMeet Midlands #TMM11

First of all, if you’re not sure what a TeachMeet is, check out this video.

I’ve only attended one in person before and seen a couple take place over the internet and have been thoroughly inspired by them. So when Mike McSharry offered to help me organise one I jumped at the chance.

We’re hoping to run it on the Saturday, 19th February 2011 but all has yet to be fully confirmed. We’re currently in the process of sorting out a big enough venue with good enough wifi and getting sponsors together so we have lots of goodies to give away.  For more information take a look at the TeachMeet Midlands Wiki which I will be updating between now and the event.

Please spread the word to your colleagues and friends, it would be great to see lots of fresh faces there. I’m hoping to make a poster once I have more information. If you talk about the event on Twitter please use the hashtag #tmm11.

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  1. Ira Brees says:

    Came across your web site via msn the other day and absolutely love it. Carry on the excellent work.

  2. Annett Kisch says:

    This is an excellent post and may be one to be followed up to see how things go

    A close friend mailed this link the other day and I will be desperately waiting your next content. Carry on on the brilliant work.

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