European Day of Languages

European Day of Languages happens a month today – 26th September 2011. It’s an annual event aimed at celebrating the diversity and richness of languages. Although its called European Day of Languages it’s actually a celebration of all world languages. This year will be the 10th anniversary of the event so why not do something special to celebrate it?

I haven’t thought about how we’ll celebrate it this year but thought I’d share what we did last year as it might inspire someone.

We held a day of activities on 25th September (as the 26th was a Saturday) and the whole school came in non-uniform along the theme of countries of the world, ranging from football kits to traditional dress and all of Foundation Stage came as Dora or Diego  – all of the kids made so much effort and looked fantastic.

We also held a Eurovision Languages Contest in assembly. Over the week each year group learnt a song or rhyme in another language to perform to the rest of the school. This ranged from Sign Language to Chinese!

In the two weeks before we also ran three competitions with prizes

given out in assembly. These were:

FS/KS1 – Design a postcard with a greeting in another language.

Year 3/4 – Find a language for each letter of the alphabet

Year 5/6 – Create a poem/song/poster using words from different languages.


Other activities and ideas to do in class included:

· Take the register in another language

· If someone in your class can speak another language allow them to teach the class a few words

· Give the class instructions in another language

· Maths- look at different currencies/work with euros/learn to count to 10/look at how many people in the world can speak which languages

· PE – warm-up in another language/parachute games

· Geography – choose a country to focus on and look at their language/culture

· Learn silly languages like Elvish or Klingon

· Have a go at writing names in different scripts eg Greek, Arabic, Braille, Viking etc.

· Take a look at the Newbury Park website with class and pick a language to look at:

· Learn how to sign the alphabet and fingerspell your name.

· Do a class quiz here:

It was a fantastic day and I’m now on the hunt for new ideas for this year!

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  1. Bill Chapman says:

    You might offer a brief introduction to Esperanto, with a competition to create an original sentence in that language.

    There are a lot of materials available on the net for Esperanto. A good place to start is

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