One week down…

Wow, what a week! I just about managed to croak my way to the end of it – I’m hoping my voice returns by Monday!

I have to admit to feeling a little overwhelmed at times this week. Starting at a new school in a new year group has left me feeling a little out of sorts and likely to meet myself coming backwards at stages. I don’t feel like I’ve had the chance to stop all week and didn’t really know what I was doing from day to day even though I’d planned it down to the smallest details.

On the whole I have a gorgeous class. They are a just few issues with behaviour and general levels of literacy that need sorting out but there are some great characters and I think I’m really going to enjoy working with them. I’m going to work on cracking their behaviour next week in the hope that we can then get on and not have to waste lots of time over trivial things and have got lots of drama and role play planned for next week which will hopefully engage them. Another thing about my class is they are so tidy. I’ve never had a tidy class before! This is great because I don’t have to nag them to do things.

I introduced the class blog to my class this week. They took the address home today and I’ve already had two children plus a parent comment – I’m probably a bit too excited about this but I really want it to be successful. I’m really hoping that it can be used to boost the children’s literacy by giving them a reason for writing. Once it’s up and running in our class I’m going to try and get the other classes blogging which should be a good challenge. I’m building up a good base of other class blogs to show from a range of year groups so that will make it easier to convince people hopefully. I’ve also taken on the role of ICT leader so I’m busy trying to think up lots of things to try out and improve the state of ICT at my school. My head is great and is really keen to push the boundaries in terms of what we’re doing to stand out from the crowd so it’s good to have that backing.

I’m sure I have lots more to say but I’m too tired to think any more so I’ll leave it there for now. I hope everyone else has had a good first week back 🙂

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3 Responses to One week down…

  1. Sounds like the same week many if us starting in a new year group and a new school have been through, myself included. Even planning in great detail will never completely prepare us for all outcomes. Enjoy the craic is my motto. It will all come together soon enough.

    • emmaldawson says:

      I hope you’ve had a good week too Kevin. Definitely must try to enjoy it, sometimes I get a bit faffy when I’m not clear what I’m doing in my head (I’ve not perfected the diverting from plans and making it up on the spot yet!) but I survived so fingers crossed I’ll get back into the swing of things soon enough.

  2. Jan Pringle says:

    Really like the layout of the blog.

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