Using twitter as part of lessons

I’ve seen this done before by various twitterers, asking their twitter friends to tweet things such as likelihood of snow for a probability lesson and today I realised that my twitter followers could be of great use in helping my class learn about the moon landings. We are doing newspapers as our literacy topic which fits into our theme topic of the Space Age.

This week we are imagining we are journalists in 1969, we have our notebooks, we’ve interviewed the astronauts before they went up to find out how they were feeling and we’ve watched the launch. Next on the list is interviewing people who saw the moon landings to use as quotes. Initially I was going to get the children to role-play this, but have been a bit concerned that some of them might struggle with imagining what it would have been like.

The idea first came from a parent, who kindly commented on the class blog what he remembered about the event. I realised it would be great to get others memories but didn’t have much time to get responses so thought twitter would be perfect.

I set up the hashtag #moonlandings and asked anyone that remembered to tweet back. I also set up a twapperkeeper to collect the responses. I would just like to say a massive thank you to anyone who replied or retweeted – it’s much appreciated!

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