Using Google Forms in the classroom

Today I decided to experiment using Google forms with my class and it was actually pretty successful. The first thing I was worried about was that the children don’t actually have their own Google accounts so first I set up a class email address. My next concern though was whether I would be able to log multiple users on through the same email, I gave it a go yesterday on three computers and it worked so I dared to try it today on 12 at the same time – no problems!

The children came up with at least three of their own questions to ask about the enquiry they are doing in our theme work. I showed them step-by-step what to do and they wrote down the instructions and followed them very well. We only had the odd problem with one laptop freezing and not allowing the theme to be changed and the odd question going missing as they tried to edit when they were looking at themes and hadn’t yet applied it to the form.

In fact, the most annoying thing for me was trying to embed them into our class blog only to find out doesn’t support it so I’ve had to insert the links instead. Overall, I was really impressed with how the children coped making their questionnaires.

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2 Responses to Using Google Forms in the classroom

  1. ebd35 says:

    Well done to your class. Great forms! Glad to hear you can log on multiple tomes with the same account as I’m hoping my class does this soon.
    Sorry that I can’t complete any forms but too young and wasn’t alive in the 50s :o)

    Looking forward to seeing more of your class’ work.

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