Technophobic children? parents? teachers?

I seem to have inherited a class full of children this year who seem very reluctant to use technology to help them do their work. I’m thinking mainly home-related work at the moment, as every week the children have a maths and spelling homework, plus our special person of the week gets to take home Rufus the Reindeer and write about his adventures.

When I gave out the children’s homework books at the beginning of the year I stuck a note in the front saying that children were more than welcome to do their work on the computer and either email it to me or bring it on a memory stick if they wanted to do something computer-based. So far I’ve only had one child make a powerpoint and email it and one child who uses word and brings it on a stick. Rufus also has a note that says his adventures and photos can be emailed – only one child so far has done this.

This may not seem strange at all to other teachers, I don’t know. They are a year 4 class and in previous years I’ve taught year 5 and 6 (at a different school) but they were all so tech savvy and I would have many times the emails/memory sticks each week that I’m getting currently. Is it something that suddenly happens between year 4 and year 5? Is it something to do with a different catchment area (although fairly similar demographic)? Are parents of year 4 children more reluctant as they are slightly younger? Is it because they’ve not really done much ICT before in school (they came to me barely able to type)?

I’d be interested to know what the year 4 children are like in other schools and any tips to motivate them.

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  1. mrsnutty says:

    My Y4s last year loved doing anything on ICT and introduced homework to be handed in via VLE as so eager. This year opposite class, Y5 and they don’t want to. I think it is to do with parental involvement and everything needing writing out or it isn’t homework. Bizarre, good luck!

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