Pass the Parcel with a Twist

When it comes to this festive time of year I’m not really that keen on giving my class sweets or chocolates as a token gesture (they’ve had plenty already!) and it’s difficult to find anything other than tat for a class of 25 on an individual basis unless you can afford to pay more than £1 per child. I also like to teach them that Christmas is about more than just receiving presents so I like to donate to charity on their behalf.

This year I got the Oxfam Unwrapped gifts of books for a school and food for a family. But I didn’t want to just give it to them and this is where pass the parcel comes in. I wrapped up each gift in several layers of paper, but instead of putting a dare in each layer I put a ‘Give …’ message instead. Things like:

Give a smile

Give laughter by telling a joke

Give a hug/handshake

Give a compliment

How will you give a hand to your family this holiday?

We started off by discussing what Christmas was about other than receiving, had great fun playing the game and when they got to the gifts they discussed why we had given these instead of receiving something. I even had one child say he was going to give some of his old toys to charity (a big step for this child!) and hopefully they spent at least 20 minutes thinking of someone other than themselves whilst having a fun afternoon playing party games 🙂

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  1. Jan Pringle says:

    What a lovely idea!

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