Wiinspiration – Wild Worlds and Wacky Races

Ever since last summer, after reading inspiring posts about using MarioKart as a basis for learning here and here by @primarypete_ and @dawnhallybone, I have wanted to do a project using the Wii game as the focus as I thought it would particularly inspire the boys in my class, many of whom are very into go karts and quad bikes.

I knew it would be a fantastic way to cover several of the year 4 topics, particularly the Literacy unit ‘Imaginary Worlds’, the Science topic of ‘Forces and Friction’ and the DT ‘Go Karts’ projects. The only problem was we didn’t have a Wii!

I spent much of the summer scouring ebay, hoping to luck out on a bargain that no-one else had spotted, but that didn’t happen. I then mentioned my idea to my headteacher who said he would bring his in, but then decided to contact @peterford to see if he could help and he could! He sorted us with a Wii on the premise that we blog about it – a small price to pay!

My MarioKart project is now planned and ready to roll on Tuesday. I will hopefully blog about the details later but here’s what it currently covers at the moment (I really need to stop adding new ideas as there’s not enough weeks!):

  • Stories Set in Imaginary Worlds
  • Collages of Imaginary Worlds
  • Advertising – posters, radio and TV
  • Geographical Landscapes (focus on coasts)
  • Forces and Friction
  • Programming our own games using Scratch
  • Designing and making go karts

The one thing that I haven’t linked in (yet) is Numeracy. However, during a fantastic chat on Twitter last night (which started by me asking for racing driver/maker contacts – I know have lots of leads to follow up – thank you!) @knikidavies mentioned the Maths in Motion project. The idea is great (and I’m planning on visiting them at BETT2011) but unfortunately the price is not (I’m sure it’s a good deal but not in the current climate when school budgets are so uncertain.)

@JoanneC23 then suggested we collaborate on ideas to develop our own maths projects linked to racing so I’ve set up a wiki at http://f1maths.wikispaces.com/ Please feel free to add any ideas you may have and hopefully we can build up a really useful resource.

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