Teachmeet Midlands #tmm11

After months of planning and sorting Teachmeet Midlands finally happened yesterday and it was a brilliant success! This is good as I had been panicking just three weeks ago that we hadn’t sorted the venue and didn’t have many people signed up to present so I was envisaging a big flop. The quality and range of the presentations was fantastic and I really learnt a lot (once I’d settled down and stopped fretting!) and have lots of great ideas to take back to the classroom. I also learnt a lot about the whole organising and implementing side of teachmeet, including that I’m a rubbish timekeeper (I kept forgetting to start the timer!) and I didn’t want to offend people by throwing the camel at them (or cut them off when they were saying something I was really interested in!) but maybe I need to be stricter next time.

Lots of people have already done blog posts about the day so I won’t repeat what they all said but link to them(if I’ve missed yours let me know and I’ll add it 🙂 ), and massive thanks to Oliver Quinlan who blogged live from the venue:









Also a massive thanks have to go to everyone who sponsored us:

Vital, Espresso, Rising Stars, Scholastic, Brainpop, TES Connect, Just2Easy, Systems and Education and Primary Pad which meant we had lots of lovely refreshments and prizes to give away.

And we mustn’t forget the school as it wasn’t my school for letting us hold it, so thank you koops08 and your HT, Lindsay, for letting us hold it at Sherrier Primary School.

Keep your eyes peeled for a repeat event later in the year 🙂

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  2. devoil says:

    I loved it and got so many fantastic ideas. Well done to you and Mike.

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