Leave no trace

One of the ideas at the start of #lob11 was the idea of protecting and conserving the environments around us through the concept that whatever you do should leave no trace on your surroundings. This then developed a little further, based on the thoughts that actually everything has some effect on everything else, whether conscious or not, so is it actually possible to leave no trace? Just by being in a place you are having an effect on that place, however minor or invisible it may seem at the time. So, we as conscious decision makers, must really think about leaving either the most minimum trace possible, or the most positive trace possible. And is what we deem to be a positive trace likely to be seen in that light by everyone?

The talk we had this morning by a local conservationist about the formation and development of the sand dunes along the beach continued this theme further. He said: “what you think is the right thing to do is not necessarily the right thing to do.” This was with respect to letting cattle graze the sand dunes, and that grazing the dunes over winter is much better for the plant life, yet many are still only grazed in the summer months or not at all.

I think this is something that’s really important to think about, and increasingly, get children to think about.

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  1. Sounds like you are getting a lot to think about, enjoy the rest of the time!

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