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I have seen the Learning Event Generator (LEG) tool many times and always thought what a good idea it was, although never really managed to quite get my head around how to fit it into my teaching until attending #lob11, organised by John Davitt (LEG creator) last week.

Our first activity for #lob11 was using the LEG and I can now really see its potential. We were split into three groups and given an hour to ‘sing for our supper’. My group had to do the history of Ireland as a song, another group did the salt marsh formation as a tragedy and the others did tide action as a rap. We were given some printed information from Wikipedia and off we went on our task. What ensued was some fantastic discussion with Mark, Jamie and Susan about what the actual learning intention of the exercise was – was it to learn about the history of Ireland or was it more focussed on the production of a song? We also discussed the level of skill required to do the task – skimming and comprehending a lot of information in a short time, picking out key events and then fitting them to a rhythm. Actually, there was a heck of a lot of applying skills going on. We decided to put our song to a well known tune, Oh when the saints, to make it easier to remember. It definitely produced a memorable learning experience and was fantastic to watch what the other groups had come up with.

So, how will I use it from now on? Well, having had a look at the site more thoroughly I’ve found a homework generator which I’m hoping my class will use as even though I’ve been telling them all year that they can be as creative as they want with their homework they still don’t get it and still just do PowerPoints or posters. There is also a primary version of the generator, which I intend to set up on the computer in our self-directed learning and role play area that I am going to create over the summer. There is also an i-app called the RAG (random activity generator) which gives you the same thing with a nice shiny app frontage (although it’s not free) but I may download it if we ever get the iPod touches which are currently on our school wishlist.

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  1. While waiting for the iPods, you could do something more basic, but involving. Get your kids to make two packs of cards – one with tasks, the other with genre – and make a paper-based RAG. You could add a third pack which talked about collaboration (on your own, with someone new, with three others, following another’s lead, taking the lead…). Making the card could be a real eye-opener for them, but then using them could also be fun – shuffle and deal!

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