#NorthantsBLT Monopoly Challenge

The #NorthantsBLT Monopoly Challenge is something that has been thought up by my headteacher after watching an episode of the gadget show. It was initially supposed to happen in March but has had to be postponed twice and is finally happening tomorrow.*

The main idea is to test the limits of mobile technology outside of the natural school environment. There are three schools involved, each taking three children, and 2 adults per group. The premise is that the children will start from a central point, be given challenge cards and then have to use the mobile technology to complete the challenges and blog/twitter about the events as we go. You should be able to follow the events live on the Monopoly challenge blog above, or the twitter teams: Team K9, Team NEO Iron and Team Tip Top

It’s looking to be an exciting day and I will hopefully get time to blog about the outcomes afterwards.

*There’s loads more information on the proper blog and I don’t want to repeat it all so go there and look 🙂

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