Taking opportunities

This time last year I missed out on the google teacher academy because I was too scared to even apply. After hearing all the fantastic stories about it I really wish I had, even if I hadn’t got onto it, as at least I could’ve said I’d tried. I’m now desperately hoping they decide to do another one in the uk soon!

Because of this I decided I needed to be a little more confident and just go for things, which I think I am managing to do quite well so far – I attended BETT and the associated unconferences for the first time this year and met up with lots of fab people and I also went to lob11 in Ireland in the last half term break and again had a fab time. So when I heard about the Microsoft partners in learning summer camp ( which I followed on twitter last year) I decided to give it a shot and apply. Needless to say I was dancing around my school like a loon when I found out this week that I’d got a place and am very excited about going and learning lots of new things with lots of fab people once again. It’s going to be great 🙂

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7 Responses to Taking opportunities

  1. Congratulations! Always best to go for these opportunities as you say. Say ‘Yes’ and don’t worry about your self-perceived ‘worthiness’ and so much can happen! I been trying to do this for some time, and whilst at first it can be daunting to put yourself out there like this, it often leads to great experiences.

    • emmaldawson says:

      Thanks Oliver. Definitely daunting but so far it has all been so worthwhile, just need to get over being so shy!

  2. Mags Amond says:

    Have a great time Emma – they are lucky to get you! We’ll be waiting to hear how you get on. As Oliver just said, you are more than worthy.

    • emmaldawson says:

      Thanks Mags, I’m sure there’ll be a blogpost or two about it at the end of August.

  3. Neil Adam says:

    Brilliant, well done!

  4. ebd35 says:

    Great news Emma! Always worth giving it a shot ;o)
    Can’t wait to hear all about it.

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