I’ve moved!

I’ve decided to move my blog as I’ve been getting frustrated at the limitations of wordpress. I want to be able to post things like videos and audio without having to pay extra and there are several other blogging services which offer that for free so I’m moving myself to the following address:


I’ll leave everything I’ve blogged so far here but won’t be adding anything more to this site.

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2 Responses to I’ve moved!

  1. I’ve been getting frustrated at the limitations of wordpress. <– are you kidding?

    You got frustrated w/ wordpress.com, not wordpress.

    Posterous is a lot more limited than WordPress but mheh..

    See http://primaryblogger.co.uk for the real solution to your problem!

    • emmaldawson says:

      Ok, yes, frustrated with WordPress.com but all I really want to be able to do is embed media and I can’t do that without paying extra with WordPress, yet I can get it free with other blogging sites. I don’t need lots of fancy things, I just want a blogging platform that’s simple and easy to use. I’d be interested to know the benefits of primary blogger over posterous.

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