TM Naace notes 2012

I didn’t have the opportunity to attend the proper Naace conference although from all the tweets that I saw about it I missed some very worthwhile talks but I did manage to get to the Teachmeet at the end of Naace12 on Saturday afternoon. It was a very worthwhile trip, made all the better by @natfantastic bringing along rolos and free jelly beans from the conference. It’s just a shame it didn’t last a bit longer.

Here are my notes from the event:

Theo Kuechel (@Theokk) talked about a project using a bookmarking site called Can follow other people. Can build up links of resources.

The site provides education licences although still limited to how many you can produce.

Action research project: Sdcp – school digital curation project wiki. Contact Theo for more info.

Mark Allen (@Edintheclouds) talked about engaging staff in his school with the online world through a VLE and a TV screen in the staff room showing a twitter stream.

James Langley (@lordlangley) talked about kindles and provided some very amusing pictures of using them as beer mats and the like. They decided to do some action research but should they measure attainment or attitude towards reading?

Paper vs kindle review – gave chn the same book on both kindle and paper. Reading attitudes survey given to children.

Can write for the kindle, each kindle has its own email address. Even possible to write books across different schools – set up a comenius project.

Hannah Boyden (@boyden1967) talked about etwinning projects across countries. Sharing history, recipes, growing plants, live Simon says, sharing stories, Olympics projects. Lots of ideas that can be shared.

Gareth Davis (@advisorymatters) talked about AD:mission project using adverts in history.

Ambient advertising on coffee cups etc. but works best is in odd places eg park benches, snow tagging, rain activated advertising, augmented reality

Angels will fall lynx campaign at London Victoria station – fab example of augmented reality used in advertising. Check it out here: 

Tony Sheppard (@grumbledook) talked about giving schools information to make their own choices. Created a schools working broadband group. Created a toolkit of advice. Used self review framework. Ask Tony for link to toolkit if you want to see it.

Alan O’Donahoe (@Teknoteacher) talked about a project: hack to the future. Talking to people that work in computers rather than teachers of ict. Get them into classrooms. Get children, parents, teachers and industry working together to produce something.

Miles Berry (@Mberry) talked about discussions he has with teacher trainees – why teach ict? Lots of interesting answers given. Get in early with social media. dICTatEd website.

Steve Bunce (@stevebunce) talked about his new hobby – knitting  –  and how it is similar to tech, logical thinking, difficulty to learn, using patterns, need to keep persevering. Knitting has a purpose, make sure tech does too. Look at for ideas.

Drew Buddie (@digitalmaverick) Schools fantasy league – free club website. Can sign up chn. Lots of stats, can use for spreadsheet work etc.

Bev Evans (@bevevans22) – using tech to support sen children. Important for chn to have choice in the way they record,access to equipment, getting things to work for the child, adapt what’s available.

Skype and sign

Tech makes things a level playing field, engaging and inspiring.

Kevin McLaughlin (@kvnmcl) talked about using personalised learning journeys as a new way to plan for his class. No longer teaches the whole class at once. Chn have time to follow their own interests based on Google’s 20% time. Uses lots of storytelling and problem-based learning.

Plenaries can happen at any time.

David Kempster (@KempsterD) talked about three apps: comic strip, Evernote, Dropbox.

Teacher using comic strip for recording things chn say. Evernote used instead of hundreds of post its for obsevations of chn. Dropbox to share resources.

The Livestream videos are here: and proper videos should be coming soon as the whole thing was recorded by Leon Cych (@eyebeams)

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