Circus films

In my school we usually swap classes for different lessons, I take English, art and history/geography with years 4-6 and other teachers take Swedish, maths and science. However, I really wanted to do a project so when we had a circus theme for the last two weeks of term we decided just to work with our own classes for the two weeks.

We started off by watching the film Worlds Away: Cirque du Soleil. Although the film has a week storyline the actual performance and acrobatics is amazing. After watching we discussed and reviewed it and then got to planning. The brief was to create their own circus film based aspects of the Cirque du Soleil film. They had a bank of images to edit and make into their own using GIMP, had to create circus-themed music using Soundation and put it together into a video and record a voice over/sound effects using WeVideo. Typically on the last day our wireless network went down so they didn’t all get finished but I thought I’d share the ones that did.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

(ps they are in Swedish)

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