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QR codes – my take

The first QR code I ever saw was earlier in the year on the side of a coke bottle where they were used as a gimmick. Although very cool, I didn’t see the potential use for them in education. However, … Continue reading

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A times tables maths trick.

I found this trick by watching a Teachers’ TV video about Primary Maths. It’s really cool but I want to know why it works and I can’t find anything about it. You start off taking a 0-9 number line and … Continue reading

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Creative Thinking Challenge #5

How many different uses are there for a ball of string?

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R’s challenge

One of my AG&T pupils often finishes her work very quickly, and always to a very high standard: very neat and very well composed. Because of this I decided to think of something more challenging for her to do so … Continue reading

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Questions to develop higher order thinking

I have just been watching a video here that’s got me thinking about how to question pupils to get them to think more actively and deeply about the things we are learning in class. We’ve all been told about using … Continue reading

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Creative Thinking Challenge #4

What sounds have you NEVER heard? I’ve been having a think about this one, and so far I’m finding it tricky so it will definitely get the children thinking. Thinking about it, the sounds that one has never heard will … Continue reading

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Creative Thinking Wall

I have decided to put up a creative thinking wall this year, hopefully for the benefit of all my children but with the hope that my G&T lot will spark everyone’s enthusiasm and really stretch themselves. My intentions are that … Continue reading

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